Volume 2
Using Teamwork

These GRAPHISOFT approved training materials consists of multiple parts targeting users with different knowledge degrees of ARCHICAD. Each volume includes a PDF manual (an e-book, including detailed explanation of every step with images), narrated video clips (providing step-by-step instructions for the training guide) and ARCHICAD project files for hands-on practice.

  • language: English
  • e-book: 246 pages
  • videos: 122 min
  • time: 4 hours

The fifth volume of the ARCHICAD Training Series presents you the detailed explanation of ARCHICAD's Teamwork Concept. It is intended for either beginner or experienced users, who would like to get a good understanding of the ARCHICAD’s Teamwork solution, as well as students and teachers using it as part of the BIM Curriculum Exercises.

Topics Covered

This training guide consists of two main parts:

The first, Teamwork & BIM Server Setup explains how to install and configure the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server on your computer - in just a few steps - and how to share an ARCHICAD project for teamwork. You only need to set up and configure the BIM Server once, and then you will be ready to share as many projects as you wish!

This part is also intended for users who will actually manage BIM Server and is responsible for maintaining a smooth workflow within the ofice (BIM Managers, Trainers, GRAPHISOFT Partners).

The BIM Server can be controlled locally or remotely from anywhere around the world via the Internet, providing BIM Managers great flexibility to access the servers and manage the shared projects, user accounts and access rights.

The BIM Server Manager provides pre-defined roles out-of-the-box that can be used straightaway in a Teamwork environment. BIM Managers have the option of moving role settings between different BIM Servers easily, also to monitor BIM Server performance.

The second part - Using Teamwork - will describe how to use Teamwork in a shared project within any architectural team.

It will teach you how to join a project and start working in teams, how flexible it is to reserve elements for editing, how the colored workspace schemes help communication with other team members.

It will explain how ARCHICAD Teamwork optimize the architectural workflow using fast sending and receiving methods. There is virtually no waiting time at synchronization due to the low network traffic generated by ARCHICAD Teamwork’s DELTA-Server technology: only the changes are sent through the network and processed by the server or clients. Also, how ARCHICAD Teamwork supports offline work methods.

The training will guide through ARCHICAD’s effective communication solutions such as the integrated messaging functionality, which works in the context of the model. The messages can be linked to ARCHICAD elements, which greatly help in understanding the relevant communication issues; furthermore special task messages streamline project coordination and management.

You will learn how simple it is to reserve, modify and release project attributes in a Teamwork environment and see how easy for Project Administrators to efficiently manage BIM Server Libraries remotely from any user’s ARCHICAD instance. The BIM Server adds the necessary libraries to every user’s project automatically, requiring no input from the remote machines and avoiding any unnecessary coordination work within the office.

Finally, you will test the robust backup and rollback functions of the BIM Server, which enable Project Administrators to restore the Teamwork projects easily in case of an emergency.

Table of Contents

The Teamwork Concept

Chapter 1 – Teamwork & BIM Server Setup
  • BIM Server Installation
  • BIM Server Management
  • Roles
  • Users
  • Teamwork Projects
Chapter 2 - Using Teamwork
  • Joining a Teamwork Project
  • Workspaces
  • Working in Teams
  • Team Communication
  • Working with Other Project Data
  • BIM Server Libraries
  • Editing and Creating Library Parts
  • Backup and Rollback Functions


It is crucial that you complete the previous 2 volumes of this training series before you start doing this one, especially Vol.3. Also, a general knowledge of architectural design and its terminology is desirable.

Software Requirements

This training was made with the INT (English) version of ARCHICAD 19, therefore we recommend using the same version for practicing.

If you do not have ARCHICAD yet, please visit http://www.graphisoft.com/downloads/ to obtain a FREE trial version.