Volume 2
Intermediate ARCHICAD

These GRAPHISOFT approved training materials consists of multiple parts targeting users with different knowledge degrees of ARCHICAD. Each volume includes a PDF manual (an e-book, including detailed explanation of every step with images), narrated video clips (providing step-by-step instructions for the training guide) and ARCHICAD project files for hands-on practice.

  • language: English
  • e-book: 358 pages
  • videos: 250 min
  • time: 8 hours

The third volume of the ARCHICAD Training Series presents you the generic modeling and documentation solutions of ARCHICAD. It is intended for users, who would like to get a good understanding of the ARCHICAD’s modeling and documentation tools, as well as students and teachers using it as part of the BIM Curriculum Exercises.

Topics Covered

In this volume you can learn how to create the basic envelope of a building using external DWG data for the terrain, exterior walls with different construction methods, slabs, roofs with associative connection to exterior walls, timber structures and foundations.

You can practice the placement of entrance doors, internal doors, windows, skylights as well as working with parametric stairs created with the StairMaker tool.

Furthermore you can learn about placing zones in rooms, creating dimensioned model views and retrieve information from the 3D model as schedules or quantity takeoffs.

You will place dimensions to any projected model view (floor plan, section, elevation, etc.) and into 3D Documents, furnish the building with GDL objects, make custom profiles, create special railings and learn about visualization options for showing the external environment.

Next you will create quick details from the BIM model and using preset manufacturer drawings. Also, you can practice how to modify an existing schedule to meet your needs.

After finishing the modeling phase, we will focus on presentation and documentation. You will create custom views, so this way you can create different types of plans (conceptual, structural, ceiling, fire, MEP plans, etc.) from one single model. Finally, we will setup and publish the layout book of the project.

You will also learn how to use the built-in 3D visualization tools, so that you can create state-of-the-art images, stunning renderings and fly-through movies.

In the design process, you have to communicate your ideas with other stakeholders, like owners, engineers and contractors. ARCHICAD provides efficient and refined publishing procedures for this and gives you the option to automatically generate target-specific, tailored project documents. In this training you will learn how you can remotely share your design-development project data with clients and colleagues for review and mark-up, even if they don’t have an ARCHICAD license.

ARCHICAD supports the traditional, drawing and layout based revision management, which includes visual highlights (revision clouds). This solution makes this rather time-consuming and error-prone task automatic, letting architects focus on their core business, the design process.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Creating the Building Envelope
  • Starting ARCHICAD
  • Site
  • External Walls
  • Floor Slabs
  • Additional External Walls
  • Roof and Canopy
  • Timber Structures
  • Terrace Slab
Chapter 2 - Openings, Internal Structures and Foundations
  • External Doors
  • Internal Slabs and Partition Walls
  • Internal Doors
  • Windows
  • Modifying Windows and Skylights
  • Stairs
  • Foundations
Chapter 3 - Internal Spaces
  • Zones
  • Refining Zones
  • Appearance of Zones
  • Zone Stamp Display
Chapter 4 – Dimensions
  • Automatic Dimensions on Floor Plan
  • Editing Dimension Chains
  • Radial and Level Dimensions
  • Editing Level Dimensions and Dimension Texts
Chapter 5 - Accessory Elements
  • Objects
  • Custom Elements - Profile Manager
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Site Elements
Chapter 6 - Details and Quantity Takeoffs
  • Solid Element Operations
  • Details
  • Quantity Takeoff (Bill of Materials)
Chapter 7 - The Virtual Building™
  • Views
  • View Settings
  • 3D Document from Floor Plan
Chapter 8 – Visualization
  • Saving Views in 3D
  • Rendered Views
  • The CineRender Engine
  • Custom Surfaces
  • Lamps and Lights
Chapter 9 - Sharing the Project
  • Documentation
  • Master Layout Settings
  • Publishing
  • Open BIM Collaboration (IFC)
Chapter 10 - Revision Management
  • Change Management
  • Issuing


It is highly recommended that you complete the previous volumes of this training series before you start doing this one, also a general knowledge of architectural design and its terminology is desirable.

Software Requirements

This training was made with the INT (English) version of ARCHICAD 19, therefore we recommend using the same version for practicing.

If you do not have ARCHICAD yet, please visit http://www.graphisoft.com/downloads/ to obtain a FREE trial version.