Volume 2
Conceptual Design in ARCHICAD

These GRAPHISOFT approved training materials consists of multiple parts targeting users with different knowledge degrees of ARCHICAD. Each volume includes a PDF manual (an e-book, including detailed explanation of every step with images), narrated video clips (providing step-by-step instructions for the training guide) and ARCHICAD project files for hands-on practice.

  • language: English
  • e-book: 47 pages
  • videos: 20 min
  • time: 30-45 min

The second volume of the ARCHICAD Training Series presents the fundamental conceptual modeling and visualization techniques via the creation of a residential building. It helps you understand the conceptual modeling and massing concepts of ARCHICAD. This volume is intended for novice users and prospects looking for quick hands-on experience with ARCHICAD as well as students and teachers using it as part of the BIM Curriculum Exercises.

Topics Covered

This volume demonstrates the rapid creation of a conceptual model from base geometries using the ARCHICAD Morph tool and its powerful features. It gives you tips to make your project look more realistic by adding library parts and custom surfaces to your model. It also shows you smart visualisation technics so that you can create stunning presentations for your clients.

Table of Contents

  • Starting ARCHICAD
  • Creating Site Geometry
  • Creating a Base Geometry
  • Copying an Existing Edge
  • Offsetting Faces of the Morph
  • Creating Another Morph
  • Splitting the Morph
  • Additional Site Geometry
  • Cleaning Up Intersecting Geometries
  • Creating a Morph in Sections/Elevations
  • Modifying All Edges Simultaneously
  • Placing Objects in the Surroundings
  • Surfaces
  • Visualizations
  • Learn More About the Morph Tool


It is recommended that you complete the first volume of this training series before you start doing this one, also a general knowledge of architectural design and its terminology is desirable.

Software Requirements

This training was made with the INT (English) version of ARCHICAD 19, therefore we recommend using the same version for practicing.

If you do not have ARCHICAD yet, please visit http://www.graphisoft.com/downloads/ to obtain a FREE trial version.