ARCHICAD Sürüm Karşılaştırma 1

Virtual Trace

Providing tighter control, better coordination and better integration of design teams, this industry first innovative technology enables simultaneous development of the 3D model and 2D documents with full coordination and continuous visual feedback.

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ARCHICAD Sürüm Karşılaştırma 2

Project Organizer

The Organizer is related to and opened from the Navigator Palette. It houses essentially the same controls, but has a double-tree structure to make it easier to move and copy views and layouts from one map to the other.

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ARCHICAD Sürüm Karşılaştırma 3

Slanted Walls, Columns

All Walls, Beams and Columns can be slanted to any angle. A slanted wall or column tilts in one direction; its two faces are parallel to each other.

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ARCHICAD Sürüm Karşılaştırma 4

Profile Manager

Complex Profiles are predefined as custom defined walls, columns and beams that can be edited by hand to take nearly any desired shape. Like other construction elements, a Profile’s essential structure derives from its Building Material, although various surface overrides are available on an element‐level basis for profile elements.

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ARCHICAD Sürüm Karşılaştırma 5

Complex 3D Zones

3D Spaces fit to slanted and profiled wall surfaces, but more than this, walls and columns can be subtracted automatically from the 3D Zones when you need to calculate volumes.

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ARCHICAD Sürüm Karşılaştırma 6

Drawing Manager

The Drawing Manager lists all types of drawings within a Project file, including Drawings referring to internal and external model views, and, Drawings inserted from other external sources (for instance PDF, DWG, DWF and image files)

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ARCHICAD Sürüm Karşılaştırma 7

PDF Import

Adobe’s PDF format is the most widely used documentation type, which can be inserted directly into any ARCHICAD project documentation page-by-page.

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ARCHICAD Sürüm Karşılaştırma 8

Gradient Fills

The quality of graphics is important for architects: polished drawings and presentations are key factors to winning a job. The purpose of Gradient Fills is to enhance architectural graphics; they are available for 2D fills created with the Fill tool (Drafting fills).

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ARCHICAD Sürüm Karşılaştırma 9

Game-like 3D Navigation

ARCHICAD 10 introduced a modern, “game-like” way when walking around the building and exploring its interior in perspective projection mode. In Explore mode, use the mouse and the arrow keys of the keyboard for navigation (as when playing a video game on a PC.)

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ARCHICAD Sürüm Karşılaştırma 10

Automatic Guide Lines

GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 10 introduced Guide Lines (now called Snap Guides) to greatly simplify and ease graphic element creation, modifying and other input methods. Snap Guides are temporary lines and arcs that appear along existing elements, to assist accurate element placement.

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ARCHICAD Sürüm Karşılaştırma 11

Parametric Drawing Titles

Parametric and associative Drawing Titles can be placed automatically within Drawings. These smart elements can indicate Drawing information: including Drawing ID, Drawing Name and Scale.

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