Build Better Buildings

Create energy-saving designs

Energy-conscious buildings are more important now than ever. The most sustainable savings are achieved early in the building design. For example, shape, orientation, and shading can make the difference in a building’s energy performance. Run energy analyses on your BIM model easily to achieve the best performing design with Archicad’s built-in EcoDesigner STAR or Sun Study. Connect to the other solutions available through the Archicad – Grasshopper connection or a model export solution.

Optimize building structures

Archicad puts architects and structural engineers on the same page with structural analytical models automatically generated from the BIM model.

Play by the Rules

Keep the clients happy

Visualize the actual compliance status of the client’s requirements directly in the context of the BIM model thanks to the Archicad-dRofus connection tool. Plan, manage, and maintain data for departments, rooms, room templates, finishes, items, systems, and components – all in a single cloud-based platform – regardless of the size or complexity of the building project.

More time to explore

Solibri Model Checker™ is a BIM quality assurance software solution that analyzes Building Information Models and architectural and engineering designs for quality and code compliance. Check your design ideas for quick feedback — leaving you more time to explore and experiment with design options.

Improve Design Quality

Get it right the first time

Increase the reliability and accuracy of your model with the help of built-in model checking. Built-in clash detection and a seamless bi-directional workflow between both models saves you time and money on the job site.

Keep errors in check

The Archicad™ – Solibri Model Checker™ Link is a powerful add-on for Archicad that enables a bi-directional link for instant quality control. Define any measure for integrity, quality, and physical safety to assure the highest level of model and design quality.

Get the Latest Version

Archicad is a professional building information modeling software solution complying with all digital-delivery requirements, offering an intuitive design environment, accurate building information management, open collaboration and automated documentation.

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